greenApes app

How does it work?

Gorilla greenApesCitizens complete virtuous activities for the city and the environment

 By doing so they earn points, called BankoNuts

 They spend the points to choose eco-sustainable rewards

 In the community they exchange ideas and good practices

Do you want to know more about how to participate in the initiative that will reward your sustainable actions?

Are you a citizen?

Download the greenApes app (available for free on iOS and Android) or log in via the Web, register and take part in the challenges to contribute to a more sustainable future for Prato!
All citizens can have free access to the reward scheme enabled by the project and by the partner realities that will join.
Some special challenges and awards are focused on the neighborhoods affected by the infrastructural interventions of Prato Urban Jungle.
You can participate and earn points - called BankoNuts ...

… Contributing to urban reforestation
Purchase of trees and active participation in the management of public parks.

… Choosing sustainable and local products
The choice of local, organic, loose products and services or in general with attributes consistent with sustainable consumption

… Moving with sustainable means
Sustainable mobility actions - i.e. travel on foot, by bicycle, with sharing services ...

… Helping the city with volunteer actions and participating in special events
Contribute to activities and initiatives of socio-environmental value for the city
You can use BankoNuts points to:

Individual awards
Gifts, boxes, discounts, offers on products, services or experiences. Choose the prize and get your coupon via the app!

Team / group awards
Prizes reserved for groups (classes, schools, associations) who sign up for the initiatives and achieve special objectives together

Awards for the community
Upon reaching collective goals, donations can be released to interventions, campaigns or initiatives of interest to the community or even globally.

Do you work in a commercial business or for an organization?

Your company can join the initiative for free:
- contributing to the awarding of reward points to citizens for virtuous actions;
- making prizes / discounts available for virtuous citizens and supporting social / environmental projects.

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