The Prato Urban Jungle partnership includes the Municipality of Prato as project leader and seven operational partners for the implementation of the project activities. The Municipality has a long-standing experience in the management of European projects and will coordinate a close-knit group of partners who will be the key to the success of the project. The first partner PNAT is a multidisciplinary design company that focuses on the use of plants to improve human well-being. The concept of the urban jungle began with this partner's vision. The second partner Studio Boeri is the international architecture studio that designed the first vertical forest in Milan. PNAT and Studio Boeri jointly designed the urban forestry plan of the Municipality of Prato. The third partner is the Institute for Bioeconomy of the National Council of Research, an internationally recognized research centre with a long experience in innovative environmental monitoring systems. The fourth partner ESTRA, is one of the leading companies in Central Italy in the natural gas distribution and sale sector, also active in the sale of electricity. The fifth partner is Legambiente, a prominent NGO active in environmental education and in raising awareness of citizens. The sixth partner is greenApes, a digital platform that involves and rewards the lifestyles and eco-sustainable actions of citizens, employees, and customers. The seventh partner is Treedom, a start-up allowing people and companies to plant trees and follow them online, directly financing local farmers around the world.


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