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What is greenApes? Simple!

A digital platform that rewards sustainable actions and ideas. A jungle populated by ideas and stories to make the lifestyle of the population more sustainable.


For business

Even your company or organization can actively participate in Prato Urban Jungle!

Through greenApes you can:

  • Prromote your business for free by providing prizes/discounts for the most virtuous citizens and supporting social/environmental projects;
  • engage employees and your target audience in sustainable activities;
  • support active initiatives on the platform.

Last May 2021, the scheme to reward the sustainable actions of citizens arrived in Prato, enabled by the greenApes app. This year, thanks to the success achieved among the users of the application, the program of initiatives and the reward mechanisms have undergone important changes.

Organizations, that join as partners, gain visibility in project communications and on the app, rewarding their customers and users and effectively allowing them to contribute to the financing of social and environmental projects through their eco-sustainable actions (thus not requiring a contribution economic, which is taken over by a sponsor or foundation).

Members can:

  • collect credits thanks to your actions that can be donated to support social and environmental initiatives active on the greenApes app.

The donations of their credits allow users to unlock increasingly advantageous and captivating prizes.
Furthermore, within the greenApes community, participants can exchange and share their experiences and best practices.

Rewards the sustainable actions of citizens

Membership is free and guarantees visibility in the initiative. Simply choose an offer, a discount or a small prize to make available to virtuous citizens. Some examples: thanks to the TWIN points donated, users can redeem prizes that are appropriately divided into categories such as free time, food, family, personal care, eco-sustainable clothing and courses. A way to thank those who are committed to a more sustainable future.

Local associations can also participate by reporting voluntary and participation events and actions that envisage the active involvement of citizens.

If you want to apply for your business or receive further information, use the contact form available at
Alternatively you can write to the greenApes team:


Involve your employees, your volunteers, your students

Do you want to promote sustainable behavior within your company, association or school?

Contact our team, you will be able to aggregate the sustainable actions of people linked to your organization for free and, if you wish, request the activation of challenges and special actions.


Participate in urban forestation initiatives

In the coming months, local companies and realities will also be able to contribute directly to urban planting and forestation actions. Follow this page and the social channels of the project to stay updated on upcoming news!




For citizens

By downloading the greeApes app you can:

  • Access the rewards scheme promoted by the project and the partner realities for free thanks to the earned points – called TWINs – through moving with sustainable means, helping the city with voluntary actions and participating in special events to contribute to urban reforestation, choosing sustainable and local products and experience.

Download the greenApes app from Google Play and the App Store.

If you want to know how it works go to the greenApes app page.

How does it work?

banner-appCitizens complete virtuous activities for the city and the environment

banner-appBy doing so they earn points, called BankoNuts

banner-appThey donate points to support active initiatives on the platform

banner-appThey gain access to boxes full of prizes related to the world of sustainability

banner-appIn the community they exchange ideas and good practices


Are you a citizen?

Download the greenApes app (available for free on iOS and Android system) or access via the Web, register and participate in the challenges to contribute to a more sustainable future for Prato!

All citizens can freely access the reward scheme, enabled by the project and by the partner realities that will join. Some special challenges and prizes are focused on the neighborhoods affected by the infrastructural interventions of Prato Urban Jungle.

You can participate and earn points - called TWIN

…contributing to urban reforestation

Purchase of trees and active participation in the management of public green areas.

…choosing sustainable and local products

The choice of local, organic, bulk products and services or in general with attributes consistent with sustainable consumption

… moving with sustainable means
Sustainable mobility actions - i.e. traveling on foot, by bicycle, with sharing services...

…helping the city with volunteer actions and participating in special events

Contribute to activities and initiatives of socio-environmental value for the city

Individual awards

Gifts, boxes, discounts, offers on products, services or experiences. Collect points, donate points to active initiatives on the greenApes app, reward yourself with discounts and gifts made available to partners and get your coupon through the app!

Team / group awards
Prizes reserved for groups (classes, schools, associations) who sign up for the initiatives and achieve special objectives together

Awards for the communityOnce collective goals are reached, donations to interventions, campaigns or initiatives of interest to the community or even globally can be unlocked.


Do you work in a commercial business or for an organization?

Your reality can join the initiative for free:

  • contributing to reward citizens for virtuous actions;
  • selecting actions and challenges, projects to support through donations and prizes for your users.
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