Estra S.p.A

Aggiornato il: 15/09/2021


The Estra Group, one of the leading operators in Central Italy in the distribution and sale of natural gas, also active in the sale of electricity, was founded in 2010. To date, the 4 Estra partners (Consiag, Coingas, Intesa, and Viva Servizi), represent 143 municipalities in the provinces of Ancona, Arezzo, Florence, Grosseto, Macerata, Pistoia, Prato, and Siena.

The Estra Group operates, through subsidiaries, joint ventures and associates, mainly in Tuscany, Umbria, Marche, Abruzzo, Molise, Puglia, Campania, Calabria, and Sicily and is active in the distribution and sale of natural gas and LPG, in the sale of electricity, as well as in telecommunications, in the design and management of energy services and the production of energy from renewable sources. Recently it also operates in some segments of the value chain of the environmental services.

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