Aggiornato il: 15/09/2021


greenApes srl Società Benefit is a certified Benefit Corporation, founded in 2012 with the mission of creating digital solutions for the promotion of sustainable lifestyles. It is based in the province of Florence, with a dedicated team that combines IT developers and experts in the fields of sustainability, engagement, and communication.
greenApes has received various awards over the years for the innovation and quality of its solutions such as the 2014 Sustainable Development Award with the President of the Republic's medal.
greenApes is a digital platform that involves and rewards actions and sustainable lifestyles: users accumulate reward points through their sustainable actions, exchanging ideas, and completing challenges. Points can be spent to access experiences, gifts, and discounts in the world of sustainability. greenApes is easy to integrate with local services and initiatives to automatically certify (and reward) the sustainable actions of users.

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