Environmental monitoring

Aggiornato il: 10/02/2023

The activities related to environmental monitoring, developed by the CNR are focused on the development of tools and technologies to measure and model NBS interventions.

Through the installation of a series of control units (AIRQino), developed by CNR researchers, the state of the environment and air quality will be monitored before, during, and after reforestation interventions, with an ex-ante and ex-post approach able to quantify the benefits of the interventions. The AIRQino will provide open data and constitute a low-cost observational network model, which can also be replicated in other areas and contexts and can also be managed by the citizens themselves or by other associations in the area.

Through the development of a mathematical model in a 'digital twin' logic, i.e. a virtual twin of the portion of the urban fabric subject of the interventions, a virtual environment will be created. It will be continuously connected to the real one through sensor networks, and be able to simulate both the real context and virtual scenarios containing new ideas and new projects for future reforestation expansion. CNR will also develop technologies and targeted interventions on the soil matrix, able to monitor and restore the levels of fertility and biodiversity of soils compromised by many years of impermeable flooring, which will be returned to a condition of natural contact with the atmosphere (through the de-sealing of parking areas for example).