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Junglathon preliminary report (12.74 KB)

Toolkit The city of plants

"The city of plants" was created to dispel cultural prejudices about the "plant kingdom" and provide the citizen with a guide able to logically link the Prato Urban Jungle project with the city of Prato, with the current planning system and with a new awareness of greenery, often relegated to a simple aesthetic component of cities.
The aim of the manual is therefore to strengthen citizens' abilities to choose and apply solutions based on natural processes to improve the livability of urban spaces and their quality of life. A "toolbox", a set of operational tools through which the citizen-gardener can verify the centrality of green in ecosystems and can acquire information to create, care for, and maintain it, recognizing its value and usefulness.

The city of plants (4.84 MB) File con estensione pdf

Toolkit Green Generation

The toolkit for schools has been conceived as a didactic tool aimed at teachers, in particular those in the lower secondary cycle, lean and above all "operational", that is full of educational ideas, with insights for the teacher, proposed activities, suggestions and a website full of examples and good practices.
To give an even more operational imprint, ideas were collected from the most interesting experiences on the topics covered: some come from environmental education courses carried out by the Legambiente clubs, others from educational initiatives born right inside the schools.
The kit is designed to support the teacher in carrying out educational activities dedicated to Urban Jungle themes. It aims to "inspire" and help the teacher in modulating the proposed activities, adapting the work to the class group, the program, the schedule needs.

Green Generation (8.76 MB) File con estensione pdf