River Jungles

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RIVER JUNGLES - Questions and answers on riparian vegetation management
Thursday 23 February - 4.45pm - Lazzerini Library, Prato

The banks of the rivers, with their greenery, play an extremely important role not only in a so-called "natural" context but also in the urban environment: in addition to allowing the containment of water, in fact, they are able to retain sediments and trap pollutants, act as a habitat for numerous animal and plant species and represent a point of reference for citizens, where they can carry out sporting activities or spend their free time.

The EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030 states that “more work needs to be done to restore freshwater ecosystems and the natural functions of rivers”. In order to guarantee the performance of these functions, correct maintenance of these areas is necessary, capable of combining the needs of nature with those of human beings. So what approach should we adopt? What aspects must be taken into consideration to have courses of water at the same time safe, populated and healthy?

We will talk on Thursday 23 February, from 4.45pm at the Lazzerini Library in Prato together with Valerio Barberis - environmental councilor of the Municipality of Prato -, Federico Gasperini - water sector manager Legambiente Toscana -, Angelica Bruno - maintenance area manager of the Medio Valdarno Reclamation Consortium. Giacomo Agabio, president of Legambiente Prato, moderated the meeting.

The event is free but registration is mandatory via the form at this link: https://forms.gle/37ZfrkaZZH6ab7Hi6

For further information write to elisa.turiani@legambientetoscana.it