San Giusto district, social housing buildings in Turchia str.

Aggiornato il: 14/08/2023


The social housing buildings in Turchia str., located in the San Giusto neighbourhood, an urban area with a high population density and large green areas, is the second pilot area of the Prato Urban Jungle project. The complex in Turchia str., completed in 1994, consists of three blocks connected by a pedestrian square overlooked by two low buildings intended as cellars. There are a total of 102 social housing units.
The Turchia str., project aims to restore natural soils and give back the public space to the community, including trees, plants, and living nature, grafted onto existing buildings by reducing mineralized surfaces, absorbing numerous tons of CO2, and increasing the well-being of the inhabitants.

The Project

The project conceived by Stefano Boeri Architetti for the buildings of the Pratese Public Building in Turchia street provides for the vegetation of the facades. Structures will be installed consisting of steel cables anchored to the blind elevations that allow the growth of climbing plants and the creation of innovative green sunscreen systems on the south-facing facades, capable of mitigating the temperature, cooling the surfaces of existing complexes and improving well-being of the inhabitants. One of the objectives of the project is to irrigate the climbing species that will cover the facades mainly with recovered rainwater. The large vegetated surfaces will act as new hubs of green connection in the ecological corridor system of the city. The intervention in via Turkey also deals with the creation of common social spaces dedicated to collective and recreational activities. A new pergola, covered with vines and furnished with seats, will be built at the entrance to the complex. Continuing, in the central space between the cellars, pools with vegetation and seats have been planned that will create a new access area to the area suitable for rest and socializing. The parking area will be affected by a demineralization of the soils that will transform the pavement into a permeable surface.