Aggiornato il: 05/08/2021
Final Publication

The Prato Urban Jungle project recently ended and the results are now available and can be consulted in the final publication.

Pubblicata il: 22/01/2024
Prato Forest City WEEK

The Prato Forest City WEEK, will take place from 23 to 26 May 2023 in Prato and It will consist of a series of events, conferences, workshops and study visits

Pubblicata il: 28/04/2023
Let It Bee!

Tuesday 4 April, 5pm at the Urban Center of the Pecci Centre, Luca Baldini, beekeeper and expert in sensorial analysis of honey, will help us discover why it is necessary to protect bees even in the city.

Pubblicata il: 27/03/2023
River Jungles

RIVER JUNGLES - Questions and answers on riparian vegetation management
Thursday 23 February - 4.45pm - Lazzerini Library, Prato.

Pubblicata il: 14/02/2023