Prato Forest City

Aggiornato il: 14/12/2022

What is Prato Forest City?

Prato Forest City is the digital platform that, through crowdfunding and awareness campaigns related to nature and human health, involves citizens, students, associations and companies in the increase of urban forestry, in particular redeveloping marginal areas of the city to turn them into real green hubs thanks to Nature Based Solutions (NBS).


For business

Through the Prato Forest City platform you can:

  • Receive information on how to collaborate with the Municipality for the implementation of forestry projects;
  • Contribute to the reduction of CO2 in your company by making a donation and financing a green project in the city. A plaque with the name of your company will be affixed to the funded area and you will receive a certificate of sustainability for your virtuous action.

For citizens

On the Prato Forest City platform you can:

  • Discover the municipality's forestation projects and receive updates;
  • Make a donation and support a green project of the city, you will receive a certificate or plaque on the funded site depending on the contribution;
  • Participate in an environmental volunteer activity following the active projects on the platform;
  • Get information on how to plant a private property and help make Prato a greener city.


For Schools 

Thanks to Prato Forest City Platform you can:

  • have available “Generation Green” toolkit, a teaching tool for teachers, particularly those that belong to the Secondary School Cycle. This toolkit is rich in educational ideas, examples and good practices;
  • support green activities realized within schools. The project will be included in the map of Prato Forest City and the commitment students and teachers will be visible to everyone; 
  • take part in a voluntary event. 

For Associations 

By means of Prato Forest City Platform you can:

  • promote your association's green activities. By completing the form, you can inform the city about the actions that your organization is carrying on. The project will be included in the Prato Forest City map and the commitment of volunteers will be visible to everyone;
  • propose green volunteering activities and support them through the platform.