Prato Forest City

Aggiornato il: 07/07/2022

For business

Through the Prato Forest City platform you can:

  • Receive information on how to collaborate with the Municipality for the implementation of forestry projects;
  • Contribute to the reduction of CO2 in your company by making a donation and financing a green project in the city. A plaque with the name of your company will be affixed to the funded area and you will receive a certificate of sustainability for your virtuous action.

For citizens

On the Prato Forest City platform you can:

  • Discover the municipality's forestation projects and receive updates;
  • Make a donation and support a green project of the city, you will receive a certificate or plaque on the funded site depending on the contribution;
  • Participate in an environmental volunteer activity following the active projects on the platform;
  • Get information on how to plant a private property and help make Prato a greener city.