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tue 5 /23 - @Museo del Tessuto
wed 5/24 - @Museo di Palazzo Pretorio
thu  5/25 - @Mercato coperto (Umberto Giordano Avenue)
fry 5/26 - Study visit


The "Prato Forest City week" was held in Prato from 23 to 26 May 2023 to present the forestation policies and actions of the Municipality of Prato to the city and stakeholders. Particular attention was given to what was achieved thanks to both the European project "Prato Urban Jungle", funded by the Urban Innovative Actions (Uia) program and the "Prato Forest City" platform ( The latter was born from Prato Urban Jungle as a shared governance tool between the administration, citizens, businesses, associations and schools: the goal is to make forestation policies increasingly transparent and actively participated in the coming years. These projects are part of the Forestry Plan of the City of Prato, approved in 2018 together with the Operational Plan and which makes Prato one of the most avant-garde cities in Italy and in Europe for forestry policies.

During the "Prato Forest City week" the following took place: 3 conferences involving 350 people; 8 workshops involving 122 children and 100 adults; 1 study visit to new forestation sites; inaugurations of 5 new forest areas and 60 trees each donated by a different subject as part of the "Donate a tree" campaign.
Events, conferences, workshops and study visits that enlivened the city were aimed at making citizens aware of the potential of Nature Based Solutions (NBSs, solutions based on the use of natural elements in order to improve the quality of environment and therefore of everyone's life).

Thursday 25 May was the occasion for the presentation of the final results of the European project Prato Urban Jungle, funded by the Urban Innovative Actions (Uia) programme, with a one-day event that took place in the covered market in via Umberto Giordano, one of design them. Inside the jungle it was possible to listen to the project partners, discover the work done over the years, take part in a series of workshops conducted by the partners greenApes, Treedom, Estra, Legambiente Toscana and the AMI Foundation on various topics.At the event evening of Prato Urban Jungle was attended by about 500 people.

The PFC week was also the event that the City of Prato, a leader in the field of economic and ecological sustainability, brought to national attention for the 2023 Sustainable Development Festival.


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L'evento si inserisce nel programma delle iniziative del Festival dello Sviluppo Sostenibile 2023.