Third edition

Aggiornato il: 15/12/2022


Back in October the course "Create your Jungle", organized by Legambiente Toscana as partner of the project Prato Urban Jungle!
Five two-hour events, designed with the aim of making citizens protagonists of urban reforestation.

Each module will deal with a specific theme: from theoretical foundations to design, from the choice of plants to maintenance, to the analysis of some local case studies and more. There will also be materials to deepen the various topics covered, in addition to the possibility of doing some manual activity, always under the guidance of the trainer Andrés Lasso.
A path both theoretical and practical, designed to provide useful insights and suggestions for the observation, understanding and care of our green spaces.

Course dates: Monday 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st October.
Hours: 17.00-19.00
Location: Manifatture Digital Cinema, Via Dolce de' Mazzamuti, 1, 59100 Prato.

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Below is the detailed program:

Monday 3rd October - Theoretical fundamentals
In the first module of the course we will focus on the theoretical foundations that underlie urban ecosystems and natural ecosystems. We're going to talk about ecosystem services, biodiversity, climate mitigation and adaptation and how we can try to reconcile city and nature: what nature-based solutions are, what we mean by urban afforestation and rewilding.
We will then analyze some specific data starting from the Prato case study. 

Monday 10th October - Thinking a green space
In the second module of this course, we'll talk about how to think of a green space. In the analysis we will analyze some typologies, from the historical garden to the natural garden, to the utilitarian garden, without forgetting green walls, green roofs, indoor environments. We will also focus on some parameters that may be tools with which to assess the effectiveness of a green design.

Monday 17th October - Key elements in designing the green
In the third meeting we will examine the key elements of green design: from the choice of species, to the soil and the exhibition. We will talk about water needs and water management. We will consider the various types of vegetation: the high stem, the shrubs, the herbaceous plants, analyzing the problems related to alien species, especially the invasive ones. We will focus on the propagation of plants and the possible advantages of the own propagation of the plant material of our green spaces.

Monday 24th October - Maintenance
In the fourth module, where there is also a practical activity, we will address the fundamental issue of the maintenance of the green. The green space, being alive, must be followed over time, with proper maintenance. We will talk about pruning and management of the resulting material, of mowing, irrigation, of soil processing, fertilizations. And finally, environmentally friendly solutions for combating pathogens.

Monday 31st October - Some case studies
In the fifth and final meeting, which will also be partly devoted to a practical activity, we will examine some examples of green achievements, in particular those envisaged in the project Prato Urban Jungle, but also some achievements of both small and large size, drawn from other cities. We will talk about cities that are considered virtuous with regard to the choices made in the field of urban green and what actions our cities can choose today to improve the quality and increase the presence of green in the city.

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