Junglethon LAB results

Aggiornato il: 20/10/2021

Here are the innovative concepts that emerged during the Junglathon LAB organized by Codesign Toscana.

The project proposals presented are not definitive and implementable solutions but will be subjected to a phase of validation and collection of feedback from the PUJ project partners and citizens.


Popular residences in via Turkey

Concept 1 - Green governance

A new collaborative governance model to be applied in the buildings of via Turkey using the opportunity of the intervention of forestation of the Urban Jungle to encourage residents to self-manage greenery as a common good.
This model concept has the potential to encourage community moments by creating a series of intermediate facilitations, such as:

● an integrated green self-management system at the condominium level;
● the training of virtuous figures such as green keepers among the residents;
● the creation of assistance groups within the housing complexes;
● the involvement of an external assistance group of an associative, collaborative and creative nature which acts as a bridge between the citizens residing in via Turkey, the public housing management body and the city administration.


Covered market in via Giordano

Concept 2 - For | To form

A training model with widespread interventions in the neighborhood, which takes the agri-food supply chain as its starting point in terms of protection, awareness and conscious consumption, and then extends to various different areas, so as to be able to involve young people and adults, schools and families.
Distinctive elements are the playful aspect and active participation in training, through activities of various kinds, including, for example:

  • A training course with mobile and transportable modules inside and outside the market concerning the various phases of the agri-food chain (from the production / cultivation of food to the composting or reuse of waste).
  • An exchange / gift / recycling counter for citizens and other entities / companies in the market for food and contextual tools. Thanks to this it is possible to create shared dinners, production of raw and secondary materials with waste materials, a virtual "green" currency to evaluate and encourage the use of the counter.
  • A workshop for the transformation of waste materials, which leads to the creation of activities such as co-produced art installations, “play-green-food” activities for children.
  • A “street university” with various types of lessons aimed at all age groups and which also provides for the active participation of citizens as trainers.



Covered market in via Giordano

Concept 3 - TaleApp

Why TALEA? The cutting is the fragment of a plant cut and placed in the soil / water to regenerate the missing parts, thus giving life to a new specimen.

The multiculturalism of the neighborhood has given way to a collaborative comparison and to the definition of spaces for interaction and exchange in order to co-create communication strategies coming directly from the residents themselves. Through the language given by the iconographies of the plants, residents and will not be able to create new opportunities for interaction, (re-) generating interpersonal bonds and thus giving new life to the neighborhood. Physical paths will also be created, enriched with recreational / educational activities through which users will be able to rediscover the neighborhood and become aware of the various collective activities (shared dinners, small concerts, sports activities etc ...) organized by other users, thus creating further opportunities for interaction and sharing.